Mooch with the Fairies Festival

A Magical Experience for all the family to enjoy

Traders at the Fairy Festival 2009

Sparkle the Fairy will be selling a range of fairy gifts, all handmade, with that special sprinkle of magical fairy dust: fairy wings, fairy wands, headdresses, bows & arrows. Sparkle will be launching her new range of art work - there will be signed prints, cards and other suprises to look forward to.


Magical clothing inspired by nature and the creatures that live amongst it.

From alternative gowns to festival fantasy, for ethically-made party dresses, casual wear and clubbing gear.

Design your own unique outfits by combining different layers of silks and natural fibres and finishing with touches of quartze chrystal and pearlescent shell.

Clothing to help you find your wings…


My name is Victoria Baume. I am a jewellery designer, maker, silversmith & crafts-faery. I have completed a HND in jewellery design and silversmithing. Having completed my studies, I now eagerly awaiting the next chapter of my life and career in jewellery.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with what it is possible to create from my imagination. The inspiration for my work comes from the natural and supernatural world around me, as well as the fantastical realms within and without.

I love to create pieces of jewellery that capture the beauty of the natural world in a new and exciting way. A lot of my pieces have been inspired by myths and folklore, especially of the faery kin because of its fun and endless possibilities. I feel a strong connection to the fae realms and so my work reflects this respect and love for the magick they bring.

I enjoy working with, and exploring, the potential of new technologies, pushing their (and my) limits, to create exciting and original new pieces. Despite my fascination with new ways of working with silver and other materials, I also have a deep respect for traditional techniques, and endeavour to learn as many of the ancient ways of metal working and design that I am able to. I especially appreciate the tips and tricks that can be learnt from experienced craftsmen to give my work a loving, hand-finished feel. These are the things that bring magick to my work, that may be lost without the traditional passing down of knowledge.
FAE - Faeries and Enchantment Magazine - the UK's magazine for the faery scene 
will be at Sparkle's Mooch with the Fairies Festival. Visit the stall
for faery fun, prizes and more! For more info:


I'm Kerry, I'm a wing designer and tutu-maker, based in Essex. I also work as a fairy, organizing children's fairy and pirate parties.

I'm currently working on lots of new fairy fashion, including long length tutus, new shape wings and fairy hair falls.

I will be adding new creations to my site as they become available. If you are after something particular, please feel free to contact me as I specialise in bespoke designs. Check my website to see more wings!


Welcome to a magical experience full of enchantment and excitement as you visit one of the best fairy websites of modern times…

OWTF is packed with imaginative fairy wings, fairy doors and other products for you to purchase and Fairy Tales for you to read.

We have everything in store from Fairy Doors to Fairy Wings in an array of unique designs. In our store, we have lots of fairy garden furniture - even a fairy loo!




Tree spirits embody the life and consciousness that we used to sense so much more in the trees and woods around us. Also known as Dryads, they have dwelt in the woods and forests of our shared perceived reality since ancient times, along with fairies, elves, pixies, hobgoblins and the like.

All these entities formed up as an alliance between ourselves and the nurturing, challenging natural wilderness that was once home. As in everything cloaked in physical form, we have given it a reality we choose to be meaningful to us in our inner and our outer senses.

Nowadays, we have also chosen to create artificial and even virtual cultures, so our sensitivity to our inner senses and dream life is often devalued and lost. Ancient beliefs and connection with nature have been overlaid with financially-driven imperatives that encourage new fears of the wild. A sense of our soul’s origins in the order of creation must therefore be nurtured. Activities such as handling twigs and branches, leaves, flowers, feathers and twine help keep children connected to the natural world we so love.



 May all the people
Whose hands these grace
Do good works
For the human race
May all the Faeries
Feel the Love
Of the human beings who
Wear these gloves!

Faerie Gloves


Faerie Wands

The semi-precious stone bead in the wild crafted willow wand is charged with helping and healing love and light. Stones available: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Citrine, and Fluorite


Welcome to Fée de Forét, The magical gift of a Fairy! We are two woodland sprites by the names of Boo sprite and Roonie fae. Our passion is everything faery, Handcrafting Faeries of all shapes and sizes, making beautiful faery costumes, painting mythical beings, entertaining children and adults and sharing our Magical world with everyone!

We want to invite you to take a look inside the place we call Fugglehump forest (our faery home) and share with you our aspirations.

We are inspired by a number of things one of the biggest is "A Midsummer Nights Dream" by William Shakespeare. This year so far has been the high point of our faery spirits, we met our Oberon.









am a very Silly Little Pixie with a passion for creating and making magical things for magical people. Everything I make is handmade with love and care, for I believe a little love can go a long way. I aim to help people recapture that childlike joy & innocence, too easily lost as we grow older.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing"

There is a little faerie in each of us just waiting to be let out. It is the urge to play and be silly and to not care about what other people think. There is a world of laughter and magic out there for everyone. It's all about letting yourself believe and allowing magic and love into your life.






If you would like to trade at the Mooch with the Fairies Festival
Sat 13th - Sun 14th June 2009
I would love to hear from you!
Contact Sparkle the Fairy on 07716352351
or Email me at
   Look forward to hearing from you